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Electric Properties of the Co-nanodots using Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy

  • Shin-ichi Yamamoto (a1)


We have observed the assembly of a chemically adsorbed monomolecularlayer (CAM) into microwires, connections, and an electric path according to the location within field regions of a lithographically patterned array of two platinum (Pt) electrodes. A Pt electrode/monolayer/Pt electrode junction was fabricated by the self-assembly of a rigid monomolecular, namely 3-{6-{11-(Trichlorosilyl) undecanoyl} hexyl} thiophene (TEN) with thiophen groups, in the lateral direction between the Pt gap electrodes. The technique of a conductive probe AFM (CP-AFM) has been used to investigate the forward bias conduction properties of a TEN film grown by a wet process deposition on a glass substrate. The self-assembly depends on: (1) the ideal rigidity of the chemically adsorptive monomolecular layer (CAM) and (2) the strong affinity of the thiophen end groups of the CAM for the Pt electrode. The current–voltage (I–V) characteristics of the conjugated thiophen junction exhibited stepwise features at room temperature. From the results in the atmosphere, the conductivity of a lateral conjugated polythiophen group was calculated to be 5.0E4 S/cm.



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Electric Properties of the Co-nanodots using Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy

  • Shin-ichi Yamamoto (a1)


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