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Elastic Properties and Structural Evolution of AgNi Superlattices

  • B. Rodmacq (a1), V. Pelosin (a1) and J. Hillairet (a1)


Silver-nickel multilayers were prepared by sputtering at 100 K. X-ray diffraction, electrical resistivity and dimensional variation measurements were performed to structurally characterize these stratified materials, both in the as-prepared state and during the course of annealing cycles. Clearly, polycrystalline superlattices with marked (111) texture perpendicular to the strata are formed. We studied the elastic properties of these superlattices by performing uniaxial tension tests. No deviation from linear elasticity was observed, whatever the period. Young's modulus was found to be 130±15 GPa for all the periods studied. Thus no significant functional dependence of Young's modulus on the stacking periodicity exists in the AgNi superlattice, in the range of periods explored, 2.6 to 18 nm.



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