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Elastic Interconnects for Stretchable Electronic Circuits using MID (Moulded Interconnect Device) Technology

  • Dominique Brosteaux (a1), Fabrice Axisa (a2), Jan Vanfleteren (a3), Nadine Carchon (a4) and Mario Gonzalez (a5)...


An MID (Moulded Interconnect Device) technology was developed for the production of elastic electronic interconnections. The stretchability is obtained using tortuous horseshoe shaped metallic wiring, embedded in a matrix of PDMS (poly dimethyl siloxane). In this way stretchable interconnects have been realized, consisting of 4 micron thick gold wires, embedded in 250 − 500 μm thick silicone material. . Stretchable interconnections, realised with this technology, have a maximum stretchability above 100%, with a stable resistivity of about 1.5 Ω per running cm for a track width of 100μm. A first simple operating stretchable electronic circuit has been fabricated, consisting of a blue LED driven by stretchable wiring. The technology is under development for use in biomedical applications in the first place, but has potential to be extended for various other applications like smart textiles, robotic skins, etc.



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