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Effects of Strain Fields on Excitons and Phonons in Wurtzite GaN Epilayers

  • B. Gil (a1), O. Briot (a1), R. L. Aulombard (a1), J. F. Demangeot (a2), J. Frandon (a2) and M. Renucci (a2)...


The electronic structure of a set of several tens of a few micrometer-thick GaN epilayers grown by MOVPE on (000l)-oriented sapphire is investigated by means of photoluminescence and reflectance spectroscopy. The strain-fields effects are quantitatively interpreted using a group theory analysis which predicts seven pertinent parameters: the crystal field splitting, two spin-orbit interaction parameters and four deformation potentials. From a theoretical point of view, we also examine the exciton problem. We establish the selection rules which control the strength of optical transitions for Г5 and Г1 excitons, and estimate the electron hole exchange interaction and the longitudinal transverse splitting of A, B, C excitons. Raman spectroscopy measurements are performed at various temperatures to observe the strain-induced shift of Raman frequencies. We determine four phonon deformation potentials in w-GaN.



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