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Effects of Film Texture on Electromigration Lifetime Predictions

  • D. B. Knorr (a1) and K. P. Rodbell (a2)


Pure aluminum film was deposited on oxidized silicon to develop three different conditions for study. Grain size and grain size distribution were the same for all cases isolating texture as the major microstructural variable. Electromigration tests were done on 1.8pm thick lines at Ix106 A/cm2 at several temperatures between 150°C and 250°C. Over the entire temperature range a strong (111) texture improves the median time to failure. The applicability of a log normal fit to the failure distribution is questioned because the sites that are susceptible to electromigration damage vary in a statistical fashion, sometimes giving what appears to be a bimodal failure distribution. Activation energy is also a function of texture but depends on the applicability of the log normal failure distribution to give values that can be correlated with transport processes.



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