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Effects of Electric Fields on the Bending Behavior of Piezoelectric Composite Laminates

  • J.Q Cheng (a1), T.Y. Zhang (a1), M.H. Zhao (a1), C.F. Qian (a1), S. W. R. Lee (a1) and P. Tong (a1)...


This Paper investigates the bending behavior of piezoelectric laminates under combined mechanical and electrical loading. The laminate has a PZT - 5H ceramic core sandwiched by graphite/epoxy plates. Three-point bending tests and in-situ acoustic emission measurements were conducted on the PZT-5H laminates preloaded by an applied electric field. The results show that the PZT-5H core fractures first and then delaminaton occurs along the tensile stressed interface between the PZT ceremic and the graphite/epoxy layer. Finite element analysis was performed to analyze stresses in the sandwich structure under combined mechanical and electrical loading. Consequently, the bending strength of the PZT core was evaluated from the experiment data. The electric field, either positive or negative, reduces the fracture strength of the pzt core.



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