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The Effects of Annealing Temperature on Tensile Properties in a Fine-grained Fe3Al-based Alloy Containning κ-Fe3AlC Carbide Particles

  • Akira Takei (a1), Satoru Kobayashi (a2) and Takayuki Takasugi (a3)


The effects of annealing temperature on the room temperature tensile properties were investigated in a fine-grained Fe3Al based-alloy, and the correlation between microstructure, texture and tensile properties was discussed. Tensile elongation showed a peak as a function of annealing temperature. The highest elongation was obtained in the recrystallized samples annealed at 700°C. The decrease in the elongation with increasing annealing temperature above 700°C is attributed to the increase in the fraction of <100> oriented grains with respect to the tensile direction. A high sensitivity to environmental embrittlement was observed in the partially recrystallized samples annealed at 650°C.



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