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Effect of Tribological Properties of Undoped and Florine-Doped Silicon Di-Oxide Fims on Chemical Mechanical Planarization Process

  • A.K. Sikder (a1), S. Thagella (a1), U.C. Bandugilla (a1) and Ashok Kumar (a2)


Chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) occurs at an atomic level at the slurry/wafer interface and hence slurries and the interaction of the films and polishing pads play a critical role in the successful implementation of this process. Understanding the tribological properties of a dielectric layer in the CMP process is critical for successful evaluation and implementation of the materials. In this paper, we present the effect of tribological properties of undoped and florine doped silicon dioxide films on their CMP process. A micro-CMP tester was used to study the fundamental aspects of CMP process. We have studied the CMP process of oxides on polyurethane pads (IC1000-B4/SubaIV) with colloidal silica slurry at different conditions. The coefficient of friction (COF) and acoustic emission signal was monitored during process. The COF was measured during the process and was found to varies differently for different samples and with down force and platen roatation. The effects of machine's parameters on the polishing performance and correlation of physical phenomena with the process has been discussed.



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Effect of Tribological Properties of Undoped and Florine-Doped Silicon Di-Oxide Fims on Chemical Mechanical Planarization Process

  • A.K. Sikder (a1), S. Thagella (a1), U.C. Bandugilla (a1) and Ashok Kumar (a2)


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