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Effect of Stress and Impurities on Preferential Amorphization on Grain Boundaries in Polycrystalline Silicon

  • Mitsuhiro Takeda (a1), Somei Ohnuki (a2), Seiichi Watanabe (a2), Hiroaki Abe (a3), Hiroshi Naramoto (a3), Paul R. Okamoto (a4) and Nigh Q. Lam (a4)...


Clarifying the local amorphization on the grain boundaries, the in-situ observation during ion-irradiation was carried out for poly-crystalline Si film. The critical dose of amorphous formation increased exponentially with increasing temperature, where the local amorphization was developed at middle temperature. The critical dose was affected by the doped impurity and the grain size. The preferential amorphization on and near grain boundaries had two processes; first stage with rapid growth rate and second stage with almost constant growth rate. The importance of stress was demonstrated from the acceleration due to the stress on the first stage of amorphization.



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