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The Effect of Pad Properties on Planarity in a CMP Process

  • Hoyoung Kim (a1), Dong-Woon Park (a1), Chang-Ki Hong (a1), Woo-Sung Han (a1) and Joo-Tae Moon (a1)...


This study presents the effect of pad properties, such as elastic modulus and surface roughness, on planarity in a CMP process. A systematic method to measure planarization length, which represents the die-scale planarity in a quantitative manner, has been proposed. It has been shown that the planarization length is highly dependent on the bulk modulus of the pad. The effect of elastic modulus and roughness of the pad on dishing amount, which represents the feature-scale planarity, has been shown. Dishing amount is determined by the elastic modulus of the superficial layer of the pad, which is typically tens of microns thick, rather than by the bulk elastic modulus of the pad. A double layer pad model has been proposed based on the observed results, which can explain that the dishing amount is reduced by increasing elastic modulus of the pad superficial layer, or by decreasing the surface roughness of the pad.



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