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Effect of Dopant Concentration on the Growth of Oxide Precipitates in Silicon

  • Satoru Matsumoto (a1), Ichiro Ishihara (a1), Hiroyuki Kaneko (a1), Hirofumi Harada (a2) and Takao Abe (a2)...


The dependences of dopant species and concentrations on the growth of oxide precipitates have been studied using transmission electron microscopy. Doping species are phosphorus, antimony and boron. Samples were annealed at 800°C and 850°C for 24∼384hr in dry nitrogen. In phosphorus-doped silicon, the precipitate density is independent of doping concentration and the growth of precipitate obeys the three-quarter power law. The enhancement of the precipitate growth is observed in antimony-doped silicon. On the other hand, the precipitate growth is suppressed in heavily boron-doped silicon as compared with that of lightly boron-doped silicon. This indicates the generation of excess silicon interstitials in heavily boron-doped silicon.



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