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Effect of DBD plasma on human cells in presence of osmolytes and denaturant

  • Nagendra Kumar Kaushik (a1), Pankaj Attri (a2), Eun-Ha Choi (a1) and Neha Kaushik (a1)


Non thermal plasma is emerging as a novel tool for the treatment of living tissues for biological and medical purpose. In this study we described the effect of DBD (dielectric barrier discharge) plasma on both cancer and normal cell line in presence of osmolytes. Osmolytes having unique protective metabolic roles and also found in animal body, they are acting as antioxidants, providing redox balance, detoxifying sulfide, protect macromolecules, enhance protein folding and regulate cell volume. Based on these interesting properties of osmolytes, non thermal plasma in presence of osmolytes appears to provide a new outlook. Results of this study reveals that osmolytes in presence of plasma act as protecting agent for normal cells however, not to cancer cells in the presence of plasma. The main goal of this study is to protect normal cells from the toxic effect of DBD plasma.



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Effect of DBD plasma on human cells in presence of osmolytes and denaturant

  • Nagendra Kumar Kaushik (a1), Pankaj Attri (a2), Eun-Ha Choi (a1) and Neha Kaushik (a1)


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