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Effect of Boron on Diffusion Barrier Characteristics of Pecvd W-B-N Films

  • Dong Joon Kim (a1) (a2), Yong Tae Kim (a1) and Jong-Wan Park (a2)


The effects of B and N addition on the phase transition and barrier performance of the plasma deposited W-B-N films are investigated. The W-B-N films have chemical compositions in the range from W67N33 to W38B42N20 corresponding to the flow ratio of B10H14/NH3. Among the films of various compositions of B and N, W46B25N29 film shows excellent thermal stability against the Cu diffusion because the W46B25N29 film keeps the amorphous state even after the annealing at 800°C for 30 min. Resonance backscattering and x-ray photoemission spectra for B and N atoms before and after the annealing process indicate that the amorphous state is retained due to the formation of the B-N bonds.



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