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Effect of Annealing on the Characteristics of Silicon Implanted Nano/trap Crystal Memories

  • T.S. Kalkur (a1), Nick Cramer (a2), Elliott Philofsky (a2) and Lee Kammerdiner (a2)


In this paper we are presenting the results of silicon nano-trap memory fabricated by implanting high dose silicon into gate oxide of thickness 30 nm. The gate oxide was grown by dry oxidation. Capacitance versus voltage characteristics of MOS (metal oxide silicon) structures with silicon implanted samples annealed in nitrogen environment at a temperature of 950 °C show a memory window depending on the applied DC bias voltage. A memory window of 3V was obtained for an applied bias voltage of ± 10V. Annealing of the MOS structures in a furnace at a temperature of 800 °C for 30 minutes in oxygen resulted in complete loss or collapse of the memory window. Annealing the samples rapid thermally in oxygen environment at 800 oC for 30 seconds, resulted in a memory window of about 2 Volts for an applied voltage of ± 14V.



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