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Dynamics of Crystalline and Amorphous Polytetrafluoroethylene Studied by Multiple Quantum NMR

  • David A. Lathrop (a1) and Karen K. Gleason (a1)


We report a new technique for probing polymer dynamics through the refocussing of multiple quantum (MQ) nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) coherences. The MQ-NMR experiment follows the correlated behavior of multiple spin-1/2 nuclei interacting through dipolar couplings. Motion which modulates the dipolar coupling strengths on the same time scale as the experiment (∼1 to 20 kHz) alters the intensity of the observed coherences. Temperature dependent 19F data are presented on polytetrafluoroethylene samples of varying crystallinity. For the as-polymerized 98% crystalline PTFE sample, a sharp increase in MQ coherence refocussing occurs, centered at -298 K. The 64% crystalline melt-quenched sample shows a increase at the same temperature but which has a lower intensity. Thus, the ∼298 K peak is most associated with motion in the crystalline phase. This temperature is intermediate between the two first order transition at 293 and 303 K. Oscillations in the refocussed fractions are observed from 208 to 230 K for the 98% crystalline sample, while this ratio is constant over the same temperature range for the 64% crystalline sample. These oscillations may be associated with paracrystalline defects found only in the first sample. Thus, the MQ refocussing experiment is able to clearly differentiate between polymer samples which have different thermal histories. The sharpness of the MQ refocussing features and their variations in magnitude, shape, and sign with temperature are signatures of the molecular level details of the underlying dynamics which produce them.



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Dynamics of Crystalline and Amorphous Polytetrafluoroethylene Studied by Multiple Quantum NMR

  • David A. Lathrop (a1) and Karen K. Gleason (a1)


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