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Dynamics of Air-Water Contact Lines and Interfaces Near the Pinning Threshold

  • Po-Zen Wong (a1), Erik Schäffer (a1) and David B. Pengra (a1)


We report a study of the dynamics of capillary rise of water in glass tubes and glass bead packs. The water column height h is measured as a function of time t byvideo imaging. Analyzing the late time data in terms of critical pinning, dh/dt ∞ (PP c )β, we find an anomalously large exponent β for interfaces in bead packs and β ≈ 1 for contact lines in capillary tubes. Repetitive rise and fall experiments in capillary tubes suggests that thinning of the wetting film plays an important role in the dynamics. We discuss these findings in light of recent theories and experiments.



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