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Dynamic Behavior of Intrinsic Point Defects in Fz and Cz Silicon Crystals

  • Takao Abe (a1) and Hiroshi Takeno (a1)


Detaching the crystals from the melt revealed the real state and dynamic change of intrinsic point defects. From this observation it is confirmed that the predominant point defects near the melting point are vacancies. Clusters of interstitial-type dislocation loops (CDL) are eliminated by taking an extremely low growth rate under 0.2 mm/min and nitrogen doping. The anomalous oxygen precipitate (AOP) of the crystals grown in a nitrogen ambient is enhanced. AOP and ring-oxidation induced stacking fault (R-OSF) coexist at the periphery in nitrogen doped crystals. Almost all crystals have defect boundaries between periphery and center region which may be attributed to a stress field in the crystals during growth.



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Dynamic Behavior of Intrinsic Point Defects in Fz and Cz Silicon Crystals

  • Takao Abe (a1) and Hiroshi Takeno (a1)


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