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Domain and Interface Structures of Epitaxial PtSi

  • H. Kawarada (a1), I. Ohdomari (a1) and S. Horiuchi (a2)


The crystalline perfection of epitaxial PtSi thin films and the microstructure of the PtSi/Si interface have been examined using transmission electron microscopy (TEM), including lattice image techniques. Epitaxial PtSi layers grow with domains which have three different positions on a (111) Si substrate. Inside a domain the crystalline perfection is high, and at the domain boundary no intermediate region has been observed. The undulation of the PtSi/Si interface is larger than that of other epitaxial silicide/Si interfaces. Despite the large undulation, a cross-sectional lattice image shows the epitaxial layer extends to the interface. The interface is abrupt in the epitaxial PtSi/Si system.



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Domain and Interface Structures of Epitaxial PtSi

  • H. Kawarada (a1), I. Ohdomari (a1) and S. Horiuchi (a2)


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