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Do Alkali Metal Anions (M) Exist in Zeolite A?

  • P. D. Barker (a1), P. A. Anderson (a1), R. Dupree (a2), S. Kitchin (a2), P. P. Edwards (a1) and L. J. Woodall (a1)...


Recent NMR studies by Nakayama et al. on sodium zeolite A saturated with potassium metal have implied the presence of the anionic Na species. This, if confirmed, would represent the first observation in a zeolite and opens up a wide range of possibilities for mixed metal zeolitic systems. We report the results of a number of metal combinations, using both sodium and potassium forms of zeolite A as hosts, studied by ESR, solid state MAS-NMR and powder neutron diffraction.



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