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Dlts and CV Analysis of Doped and N-Implanted GaN

  • D. Haase (a1), M. Schmid (a1), A. Dörnen (a1), V. Härle (a1), H. Bolay (a1), F. Scholz (a1), M. Burkard (a1) and H. Schweizer (a1)...


We studied by deep level transient spectroscopy (DLTS) and capacitance-voltage (CV) measurements the effects of doping (Zn, S), nitrogen implantation and annealing of n-type GaN grown on sapphire by MOVPE. The DLTS spectra of the as grown samples show two defect levels which are assumed to be identical with recently reported levels [10, 11]. In N-implanted GaN a third level is introduced which is not detectable in our as grown samples. This levels concentration follows the increasing N-implantation density. The depth profiles of its concentration correlate with the distribution of implantation defects expected from Monte-Carlo simulation. After annealing at 900°C for 60s the additional defect level vanishes. The DLTS spectrum then resembles those of annealed as grown samples. The n-type carrier concentration (CV measurements) increases in samples with low N-implantation dose. This implantation effect can be removed also with the RTA step. The increasing carrier concentration provides evidence that the N vacancy is a donor in GaN. For Zn and S doped GaN deep defect levels has been found, which are reported here.



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Dlts and CV Analysis of Doped and N-Implanted GaN

  • D. Haase (a1), M. Schmid (a1), A. Dörnen (a1), V. Härle (a1), H. Bolay (a1), F. Scholz (a1), M. Burkard (a1) and H. Schweizer (a1)...


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