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Disordering and Characterization Studies of 69GaAs/71GaAs Isotope Superlattice Structures: The Effect of Outdiffusion of the Substrate Dopant Si

  • T. Y. Tan (a1), H. M. You (a1), S. Yu (a1), U. M. Gitesele (a1), W. Jäger (a2), F. Zypman (a3), R. Tsu (a3) and S. -T. Lee (a4)...


Undoped 69GaAs/71GaAs isotope superlattice structures grown by MBE on n-type GaAs substrates, doped by Si to ∼3×1018 cm−3, have been used to study Ga self-diffusion in GaAs by disordering reactions. In the temperature range of 850–960°C, the SIMS measured Ga self-diffusivity values showed an activation enthalpy of 4 eV, and are larger than previously compiled Ga self-diffusivity and Al-Ga interdiffusivity values obtained under thermal equilibrium and intrinsic conditions, which are characterized by a 6 eV activation enthalpy. SIMS, CV, and TEM characterizations showed that the as-grown superlattice layers were intrinsic which became p-type with hole concentrations up to ∼2×1017 cm−3 after annealing, because the layers contain carbon. Dislocations of a density of ∼106-107 cm−2 were also present. However, the factor responsible for the presently observed larger Ga self-diffusivity values appears to be Si outdiffusion from the substrate, which was determined using CV measurements. Outdiffusion of Si decreases the n value in the substrate which causes the release of excess Ga vacancies into the superlattice layers where the supersaturated Ga vacancies enhance Ga self-diffusion.



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