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Dislocations in GaAs/Si Interfaces

  • Jane G. Zhu (a1), S. McKernan (a1), C. B. Carter (a1), W. J. Schaff (a2) and L. F. Eastman (a2)...


Dislocations present at GaAs/Si interfaces have been characterized using transmission electron microscopy in plan-view. The GaAs was grown by molecular-beam epitaxy on Si (001) substrate tilted* towards the [110] direction. The dislocation network at the interface consists primarily of orthogonal edge dislocations with Burgers vectors of a/2[110] and a/2[110]. However, displacements of these dislocation lines at the interface are observed. These displacements can be attributed to the interaction of 60* dislocations with the network of orthogonal edge dislocations. The density of these 60* dislocations along [110] direction is different from that along [110] direction.



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Dislocations in GaAs/Si Interfaces

  • Jane G. Zhu (a1), S. McKernan (a1), C. B. Carter (a1), W. J. Schaff (a2) and L. F. Eastman (a2)...


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