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Direct Write Microbatteries for Next-Generation Microelectronic Devices

  • Karen E. Swider-Lyons (a1), Alberto Piqué (a2), Craig B. Arnold (a2) and Ryan C. Wartena (a3)


Microbatteries and integrated microbattery systems are likely to be the sole power source or a power-source component for the next generation of microelectronic devices. As part of the LEAPS (Laser Engineering of Advanced Power Sources) program, custom-designed microbatteries and ultracapacitors will be integrated in microelectronic circuits for optimum performance. The Naval Research Laboratory's Matrix-Assisted Pulsed-Laser Deposition Direct-Write (MAPLE DW) process is used to rapidly fabricate various primary and secondary (non-rechargeable and chargeable) electrochemical power sources. This laser forward-transfer process can be used to transfer any type of battery material and battery material mixtures, including polymers, hydrated oxides, metals, and corrosive electrolytes. Additional laser micromachining capabilities are used to tailor the battery sizes, interfaces, and configurations. Examples are given for planar RuO2 ultracapacitors and stacked alkaline batteries.



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