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Diffusion of Fluorine at High Concentration in Silicon: Experiments and Models

  • Robert R. Robison (a1), Antonio F. Saavedra (a1) and Mark E. Law (a1)


We have developed a model for high concentration fluorine diffusion and fluorine diffusion in amorphous silicon. In this context, we define high concentration fluorine to mean fluorine doses above the threshold of amorphization for implantation into silicon, which is approximately 1×1015/cm2 dose. We pre-amorphized with silicon to create a continuous amorphous region, and samples were subsequently implanted with the fluorine conditions of 16keV at 2×1015cm−2 dose, 30keV at 2×1014 cm−2 dose, or 16keV at 8×1015cm−2 dose. Samples were annealed by either conventional furnace or RTA with an N2 ambient for various times at temperatures of 550-750 °C. SIMS was used for depth profiling, and TEM images were also taken of the samples to check for defects and amorphous depth. We then created the model for the data by extending the fluorine model presented in our previous work, and it models the profile motion and the time dependence well. The model is also still capable of describing our previous work and fits it very well.



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