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Dielectric Morphology and RRAM Resistive Switching Characteristics

  • G. Bersuker (a1), B. Butcher (a1), D. C. Gilmer (a1), L. Larcher (a2), A. Padovani (a2), R. Geer (a3) and P. D. Kirsch (a1)...


The connection between the bi-polar hafnia-based resistive-RAM (RRAM) operational characteristics and dielectric structural properties is considered. Specifically, the atomic-level description of RRAM, which operations involve the repeatable rupture/recreation of a localized conductive path, reveals that its performance is determined by the outcome of the initial forming process defining the structural characteristics of the conductive filament and distribution of the oxygen ions released from the filament region. The post-forming ions spatial distribution in the cell is found to be linked to a degree of dielectric oxygen deficiency, which may either assist or suppress the resistive switching processes.


Corresponding author


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Dielectric Morphology and RRAM Resistive Switching Characteristics

  • G. Bersuker (a1), B. Butcher (a1), D. C. Gilmer (a1), L. Larcher (a2), A. Padovani (a2), R. Geer (a3) and P. D. Kirsch (a1)...


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