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Device Processing for GaN High Power Electronics

  • S.J. Pearton (a1), X.A. Cao (a1), H. Cho (a1), K.P. Lee (a1), C. Monier (a1), F. Ren (a2), G. Dang (a2), A.P. Zhang (a2), W. Johnson (a2), J.R. LaRoche (a2), B.P. Gila (a1), C.R. Abernathy (a1), R.J. Shul (a3), A.G. Baca (a3), J. Han (a3), J.-I. Chyi (a4) and J.M. Van Hove (a5)...


Recent advances in developing process modules for GaN power devices are reviewed. These processes include damage removal in dry etched n- and p-GaN, implant doping and isolation, novel gate dielectrics, improved Schottky and ohmic contacts and deep via etching of SiC for hybrid GaN/SiC structures.



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