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Device Characteristics of a Poly-Silicon Thin Film Transistor Fabricated by Milc at Low Temperature

  • Seok-Woon Lee (a1), Byung-IL Lee (a2), Tae-Hyung Ihn (a2), Tae-Kyung Kim (a1), Young-Tae Kang (a1) and Seung-Ki Joo (a2)...


High performance poly-Si thin film transistors were fabricated by using a new crystallization method, Metal-Induced Lateral Crystallization (MILC). The process temperature was kept below 500°C throughout the fabrication. After the gate definition, thin nickel films were deposited on top of the TFT's without an additional mask, and with a one-step annealing at 500°C, the activation of the dopants in source/drain/gate a-Si films was achieved simultaneously with the crystallization of the a-Si films in the channel area. Even without a post-hydrogenation passivation, mobilities of the MILC TFT's were measured to be as high as 120cm2/Vs and 90cm2/Vs for n-channel and p-channel, respectively. These values are much higher than those of the poly-Si TFT's fabricated by conventional solid-phase crystallization at around 6001C.



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