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Development of Vertically Integrated Imaging and Particle Sensors

  • N. Wyrsch (a1), C. Miazza (a1), S. Dunand (a1), A. Shah (a1), N. Blanc (a2), R. Kaufmann (a2), L. Cavalier (a2), G. Anelli (a3), M. Despeisse (a3), P. Jarron (a3), D. Moraes (a3), A. G. Sirvent (a3), G. Dissertori (a4) and G. Viertel (a4)...


Integrated imaging and particle sensors have been developed using thin-film on ASIC technology. For this purpose, hydrogenated amorphous silicon diodes, in various configurations, have been optimized for imaging and direct particle detection. These devices were first deposited on glass substrates and later on CMOS readout chips. With an optimization of the material properties and of the diode, a dark current of 1 pA/cm2 could be achieved on p-i-n structures at reverse bias voltage of 1 V. CMOS imagers, incorporating these optimized diodes were then fabricated and characterized. Very thick diodes (with thicknesses up to 50 μm) were also optimized and deposited on glass and on CMOS readout chips. Particle detectors in TFA technology with 12 and 30 μm a-Si:H n-i-p diodes have been fabricated and characterized using light pulse illumination. Direct detection of single low-energy beta particles has been demonstrated.



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