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Development of Robot System and X-ray Powder Diffraction for Combinatorial Materials Research

  • Ikuo Yanase (a1), Kenjiro Fujimoto (a2), Kazunori Takada (a2), Takugo Ohtaki (a3) and Mamoru Watanabe (a2)...


We developed a combinatorial robot system as the first step of combinatorial approach to wet and dry synthesis of ceramics. In this study, nanoparticles mixtures having maghemite and a small amount of Y2O3 were prepared successively by using the combinatorial robot system. maghemite and Y2O3 slurries were volumetrically and automatically measured and mixed by repetition of sucking and injecting with a micro-pipette attached to the robot arm. The structural phase transition temperature of maghemite to hematite, which was investigated from the exothermic peak in the DTA curve, increased from ca.813K to ca.1093K by 2atom%Y2O3 addition. It was considered that Y2O3 dissolution into the crystal structure of maghemite had an important role on increasing the temperature of the structural phase transition for stabilizing maghemite phase. (Combinatorial, Slurries, Maghemite, Nanoparticles, Phase transition)



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