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Development of Novel Magnetostrictive Fe-Co-B Thin Films as a High Frequency Sensor Platform

  • Zhizhi Sheng (a1) and Z.-Y. Cheng (a1)


Fe-Co-B was identified as a potential candidate for the development of high-frequency sensors and high-frequency actuators. To fabricate high-frequency magnetostrictive resonators, Fe-Co-B magetostrictive thin films were prepared by combining electrochemical deposition and microfabrication processes. It is crucial to obtain thin films with proper microstructure and composition. Results showed that Fe-rich Fe-Co-B thin films exhibited better resonance behavior than those with Co-rich and equiatomic Fe and Co compositions. It is also found that the deposition condition plays an important role on the performance of the films. Fe55Co28B17 thin films were fabricated under the same current density for different times. The films exhibited nanocrystalline structure, circular nodules as surface morphology and good resonance behavior. Fe/Co ratio on surface and cross section slightly decreased with increasing the deposition time. The resonance frequency slightly increased and the Q value was found to decrease with increasing deposition time.



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