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The Development of Durable Cementitious Materials for Use in a Nuclear Fuel Waste Disposal Facility

  • N. C. Burnett (a1), R. D. Hooton (a1), R. B. Heimann (a2) and M. Onofrei (a2)


This paper describes the work on cement paste development and short-term leaching tests in Standard Canadian Shield Saline Solution (SCSSS) in the presence of bentonite at 150°C. It has been found that:

-supplementary cementing materials such as silica fume or fly ash could significantly improve the properties of sulphate resistant portland cement (SRPC), in particular, permeability to water and pore size distribution.

-the addition of bentonite suppressed the normal tendency of the pH of groundwater to increase rapidly in the presence of cement.

-the presence of bentonite increased the release of potassium ions from the cements.

-– SRPC blended with 20% silica fume resulted in a groundwater pH lower than that of SRPC, with and without bentonite. Moreover, its cumulative fraction of release of potassium was significantly lower than that of SRPC.



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