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Development of Al2O3-ZnO/Ca3Co4O9 Module for Thermoelectric Power Generation


Pure and Al2O3(2%, 5%, 8%) doped sintered ZnO (n-type) and pure sintered Ca3Co4O9 (p-type) pellets were prepared by conventional solid state synthesis starting from the oxides. The sintered pellets were cut by a diamond saw in a pillar shape (15 mm×5 mm×5 mm) for experimental checks. The best doped sample was 2 % Al2O3 ZnO showing Seebeck coefficient S = -180 mV/K and electrical conductivity σ = 8 S/cm at 400°C, while thermal conductivity κ = 1.8 W/m×K at 600°C. Typical values for Ca3Co4O9 were S = 82.5 mV/K and σ = 125 S/cm at 800°C, while κ = 1.01 W/m×K at 600°C. Several modules fabricated by elements cut from sintered pellets were tested and the best performance was obtained in the module formed by six 2 % Al2O3ZnO/ Ca3Co4O9 couples, that generated an output power P = 300 mV at 500°C (when ΔT = 260°C).



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Development of Al2O3-ZnO/Ca3Co4O9 Module for Thermoelectric Power Generation


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