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Determination of the Distribution of Ion Implantation Boron in Silicon

  • Te-Sheng Wang (a1), A.G. Cullis (a1), E.J.H. Collart (a2), A.J. Murrell (a2) and M.A. Foad (a3)...


Boron is the most important p-type dopant in Si and it is essential that, especially for low energy implantation, both as-implanted B distributions and those produced by annealing should be characterized in very great detail to obtain the required process control for advanced device applications. While secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) is ordinarily employed for this purpose, in the present studies implant concentration profiles have been determined by direct B imaging with approximately nanometer depth and lateral resolution using energy-filtered imaging in the transmission electron microscopy. The as-implanted B impurity profile is correlated with theoretical expectations: differences with respect to the results of SIMS measurements are discussed. Changes in the B distribution and clustering that occur after annealing of the implanted layers are also described.



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