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Design of Holographic Recording Conditions with Optical Densities of Thick Azopolymer Films

  • Shin Yasuda (a1), Katsunori Kawano (a1), Jiro Minabe (a1), Tatsuya Maruyama (a1), Kazuhiro Hayashi (a1) and Yasuhiro Ogasawara (a1)...


We evaluated the relation between the degradation of the Bragg selectivity and the optical densities of the films by use of the shift-multiplexing method with a spherical reference wave. Our recording media were prepared by blending methylazobenzene-containing polymer (MAP) and cyanobiphenyl-containing polymer (CBP). We fabricated four kinds of 250μm-thick films whose optical densities were increased with MAP concentrations that ranged from 10wt% to 70wt%. As a result of the evaluation, the film with a higher optical density degraded the Bragg selectivity more significantly. The degradation of the Bragg selectivity affected the bit error rate (BER). In addition, we obtained a guide to holographic recording conditions for achieving a low BER as to the films with non-negligible optical densities.



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