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Design and Optimization of Chromophores for Liquid Crystal and Photorefractive Applications

  • R. J. Twieg (a1), M. He (a2), L. Sukhomlinova (a2), F. You (a2), W.E. Moerner (a3), M.A. Diaz-Garcia (a3), D. Wright (a3), J.D. Casperson (a3), R. Wortmann (a4), C. Glania (a4), P. Krämer (a4), K. Lukaszuk (a4), R. Matschiner (a4), K. D. Singer (a5), V. Ostoverkhov (a5) and R. Petschek (a5)...


Organic chromophores have been exploited for a wide range of discrete optical and electronic functions as well as a growing number of combined opto-electronic functions. We are pursuing development of organic and polymer materials for a range of applications that require properties including liquid crystallinity, second order optical nonlinearity, photorefractivity and, more recently, special nonlinear optical behavior involving molecular chirality.



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