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Dependence of Steady-State Defect Density in Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon on Carrier Generation Rate Studied Over a Wide Range

  • Nobuhiro Hata (a1), Gautam Ganguly (a1) and Akihisa Matsuda (a1)


Measurements of the steady-state defect density (Nst) in hydrogenated amorphous silicon under illumination of pulse-laser light, as well as of continuous light, were carried out; and the dependence of Nst on the effective rate of carrier generation (G) is presented. The values of G ranged from 8 x 1021 to 2.4 × 1023 cm-3 s-1, while the illumination temperature was kept at 30 °C or at 105 °C. The results showed trends of Nst increasing with G similarly to the trends in the literature, but covered a higher and wider G range, and fitted a defect model which assumes a limited number of possible defect states.



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