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Density modulated multilayer silicon thin films as li-ion battery anodes

  • M. Taha Demirkan (a1), Xin Li (a2), Bingqing Wei (a2) and Tansel Karabacak (a1)


In this work, we demonstrate a new density modulated multilayered silicon thin film anode approach that can provide a robust high capacity electrode for Li-ion batteries. These films have the ability to tolerate large volume changes due to their controlled microstructure. Silicon films with alternating layers of high/low material density were deposited using a DC sputtering system. Density of the individual layers was controlled by simply changing the working gas pressure during sputtering. Samples of Si films having thicknesses of 460 nm with different number of high/low density layers have been deposited on Cu current collectors. The electrochemical performance of the multilayered anode material was evaluated using a galvanostatic battery testing system at C/10 rate. After reaching a stabilized phase the battery cell showed a high coulombic efficiency of 96% to 99% and reversible specific capacity of 666 mAh g-1 (after 100 cycles). Low-density layers are believed to be acting as compliant sheets during volume expansion making the films more durable compared to conventional Si film anodes. The results indicate that density modulated multilayer Si thin films can be used to improve the mechanical properties of Li-ion battery anodes leading to high reversible capacity values even after high number of cycles.



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