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Degradation of ZnO nanowire devices under the ambient condition

  • Dong-Wook Kim (a1), Soo-Han Choi (a2), Hyun-Jin Ji (a3), Sang Woo Kim (a4), Seung Eon Moon (a5), So Jung Park (a6) and Gyu-Tae Kim (a7)...


Field effect transistors(FETs) made of ZnO nanowires are very sensitive to the gas environment, so that the passivation can be a good way to get reliable nanowire FETs with longer lifetime and the better mobility. The studies on the passivation effects with the positive electron-beam resist was investigated by selectively covering the part of nanowire devices between the electrodes. Reproducible electrical characteristics were recorded, reflecting the stable electrical properties by the passivation which deters the degradation of a device. Considering the defect states of oxide nanowires dominate the charge states, the pre-state just before the passivation process will be crucial to understand the reproducible and controllable device characteristics of nanowire devices.



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