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Data Mining-Aided Crystal Engineering for the Design of Transparent Conducting Oxides

  • Changwon Suh (a1), Kwiseon Kim (a1), Joseph J. Berry (a1), Jinsuk Lee (a1) and Wesley B. Jones (a1)...


The purpose of this paper is to accelerate the pace of material discovery processes by systematically visualizing the huge search space that conventionally needs to be explored. To this end, we demonstrate not only the use of empirical- or crystal chemistry-based physical intuition for decision-making, but also to utilize knowledge-based data mining methodologies in the context of finding p-type delafossite transparent conducting oxides (TCOs). We report on examples using high-dimensional visualizations such as radial visualization combined with machine learning algorithms such as k-nearest neighbor algorithm (k-NN) to better define and visualize the search space (i.e. structure maps) of functional materials design. The vital role of search space generated from these approaches is discussed in the context of crystal chemistry of delafossite crystal structure.



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Data Mining-Aided Crystal Engineering for the Design of Transparent Conducting Oxides

  • Changwon Suh (a1), Kwiseon Kim (a1), Joseph J. Berry (a1), Jinsuk Lee (a1) and Wesley B. Jones (a1)...


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