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Damage Evolution and Annealing of Au-Irradiated Samarium Titanate Pyrochlore

  • Y. Zhang (a1), V. Shutthanandan (a1), S. Thevuthasan (a1), D. E. McCready (a1), J. Young (a1), R. Devanathan (a1), J. Andreasen (a2), G. Balakrishnan (a3), D. M. Paul (a3) and W. J. Weber (a1)...


Damage evolution and thermal recovery of 1 MeV Au2+ irradiated samarium titanate pyrochlore (Sm2Ti2O7) single crystals were studied by Rutherford backscattering spectroscopy and nuclear reaction analysis. The damage accumulation follows a nonlinear dependence on dose that is well described by a disorder accumulation model, which indicates a predominant role of defect-stimulated amorphization processes. The critical dose for amorphization at 170 and 300 K is ∼0.14 dpa, and a higher dose of ∼ 0.22 dpa is observed for irradiation at 700 K, which agrees with previous in-situ transmission electron microscopy (TEM) data for polycrystalline Sm2Ti2O7. Annealing in an 18O environment reveals a damage recovery stage at ∼ 850 K that coincides with a significant increase in 18O exchange due to oxygen vacancy mobility. This thermal recovery stage is also consistent with the critical temperature for amorphization measured by in-situ TEM in polycrystalline samples.



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