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Cu Resistivity in Narrow lines: Dedicated Experiments for Model Optimization

  • Sylvain Maitrejean (a1), Roland Gers (a2), Thierry Mourier (a3), Alain Toffoli (a4) and Gérard Passemard (a5)...


As the dimensions of interconnects shrink, the confinement effects associated with a very small grain size lead to a significant increase in the resistivity of the metal. Cu resistivity models have been proposed using the classical Fuch and Sondheimer approach for surface effect, and the Mayadas and Shatzkes approach for the grain boundary effect. In these models, three adjustable parameters must be used. Good agreement between experimental data and models can easily be obtained. However, numerous fitting parameter sets can be used with equivalent fitting quality and opposite physical meaning. In this work, experiments dedicated to model parameter extraction are proposed and released. They are based on the used of Cu lines with various line widths and heights. Classical resistivity increase with line width and line height decrease is observed. The resistivity behaviour is modelled. In this case, limited fitting parameter options are obtained. For Cu narrow lines confined with Ta, these parameters suggest maximum surface effect, medium grain boundary effect and low impurity content inside the lines.



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