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Crystallization Studies of Glassy Te-Se-Br Thin Films

  • J. L. Adam (a1), C. Ortiz (a1), J. R. Salem (a1) and X. H. Zhang (a2)


We have studied the effect of laser irradiation on Te-Se-Br thin films. The major effects were found to be dominated by changes in composition because of the complete loss of Br and variable loss of Se. These losses are measured by EIDS and are reasonable in view of the temperatures obtained from a heat flow calculation. The remaining Te-Se material can be made crystalline under specific conditions of laser pulse length and laser power (which determine the cooling rate). We have been able to establish that the crystallization starts with surface filamentary growth exhibiting fractal network formation. With higher laser energy it tends to coalesce to form three dimensional crystals.



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Crystallization Studies of Glassy Te-Se-Br Thin Films

  • J. L. Adam (a1), C. Ortiz (a1), J. R. Salem (a1) and X. H. Zhang (a2)


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