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Crystallization Of Amorphous Tungsten Disilicide. Stacking Faults And Resistivity

  • F. K. LeGoues (a1), F. M. d'Heurle (a1), R. Joshi (a1) and Ilka Suni (a2)


Films of WSi, have been investigated by electron microscopy after annealing at different temperatures. It is shown that films annealed at 550°C contain a high density of stacking faults. The crystalline identity of these stacking faults has been established. Undoubtedly the high density of stacking faults is the cause of the resistivity maximum observed in films annealed at 550°C.



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Crystallization Of Amorphous Tungsten Disilicide. Stacking Faults And Resistivity

  • F. K. LeGoues (a1), F. M. d'Heurle (a1), R. Joshi (a1) and Ilka Suni (a2)


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