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Crystallisation Within Simulated High Level Waste Borosilicate Glass

  • Peter B. Rose (a1), Michael I. Ojovan (a1), Neil C. Hyatt (a1) and William E. Lee (a1)


The devitrification products of two simulated high level radioactive waste (HLW) glasses have been investigated. Magnox waste glass contained RuO2 as its primary crystal phase, Pd-Te inclusions, a Cr-, Fe- and Ni-rich spinel phase, a Si- and lanthanide-rich phase and also a Zr-rich phase which incorporated Ce and Gd. Upon heat treatment the glass developed a zektzerite-type phase, CeO2, a strontium molybdate (containing Nd and La) as well as a Si-rich phase. 75/25 glass, comprising a blend of reprocessing waste derived from UO2 and Magnox fuels, contained RuO2 as its primary crystalline phase, CeO2 and a Si- and Ru-rich phase. Heat treatment of this glass resulted in the growth of the CeO2 crystals, the development of a strontium molybdate (containing Nd and La) and a Si- and lanthanide-containing phase. A sodium lanthanum molybdate with a powellite-type structure formed on the surface of both glasses after heat treatment in air.



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