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Correlation between Defect Structures and Light Emission in Si-Nanocrystal Doped SiO2 Films

  • K. Sato (a1), Y. Sugiyama (a1), T. Izumi (a1), M. Iwase (a2), Y. Show (a3), S Nozaki (a3) and H. Morisaki (a3)...


Correlation between defect structures and light emission from Si-nanocrystal doped SiO2 films has been studied using electron spin resonance ( ESR ) and photoluminescence ( PL ) methods. The ESR analysis revealed the presence of three kinds of ESR centers in the film after annealing at above 900 °C in argon ( Ar ) atmosphere, i.e. Si dangling bond in amorphous Si cluster ( a-center: g=2.006 ), Si dangling bond at Si-nanocrystal/SiO2 interface ( Pb-center: g=2.003 ) and conduction electrons in Si-nanocrystal ( Pce-center: g=1.998 ). Moreover, visible light emission was observed in the annealed sample from the PL measurement. Both the PL intensity and the ESR signal intensity of the Pce-center were increased with an increase of annealing temperature. These results indicate that the Pce-center is strongly associated with the emission center.



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