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Controlled Incorporation of Nitrogen at The Top Surface of Silicon Oxide Gate Dielectrics

  • H. Niimi (a1), K. Koh (a1) and G. Lucovsky (a1)


During a high RF power (60–100 W) N20/He remote plasma oxidation of Si(100) at 300 °C, nitrogen atoms have been incorporated at the top surface of an ultra-thin (1.0–2.5 nm) oxide. Online Auger electron spectroscopy (AES) has been used to estimate the dielectric film thickness and track the evolution of the film growth. A chemically shifted Si-LW feature from the high RF power oxidation sample indicates that the nitrogen is bonded to the silicon at the top surface of the oxide film. The stability of the bonded nitrogen is also evident in the persistence of the N-KLL Auger peak following (i) a 30 s rapid thermal anneal (RTA) in Ar at 900 °C and (ii) a remotely excited He plasma treatment at 300 °C for 15 s.



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