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The Control of Zn for ZST Microwave Ceramics With Low Sintering Temperature

  • Yong H. Park (a1), Moo Y. Shin (a2), Ji M. Ryu (a2) and Kyung H. Ko (a2)


ZnO addition for low-T sintering of ZST has serious side effects such as decrease of Q × f value. In this work, the curing of these side effects without any further chemical additivesand causing degradation of other dielectric properties have been presented. After sintered at 1350°C for 2h. samples were annealed in oxygen at 900 ∼ 1100°C for 5hr. It was observed that Q × f value of post-annealed sample at 900°C could recovered up to 46000 from the as-sintered value of 40000. Because there were no formations of second phases or significant changes inlattice constants, which could affect microwave properties of ZST. However, it was found that only for the specimens annealed at 900°C, Zn was almost depleted from grin inside and diffused toward grain boundary. So, it is suggested that the out-diffusion of Zn is responsible for the recovery of Q × f value. Moreover, when the amount of Zn incorporation increased via successive calcination and sintering of pre-mixed powder of ZST and ZnO, Q × f value of 33000 also could enhanced up to 39000 due to the redistribution of Zn near grain boundary by out-diffusion.



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The Control of Zn for ZST Microwave Ceramics With Low Sintering Temperature

  • Yong H. Park (a1), Moo Y. Shin (a2), Ji M. Ryu (a2) and Kyung H. Ko (a2)


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