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Control of threading dislocations in lattice-mismatched heteroepitaxy

  • L.J. Schowalter (a1), A.P. Taylor (a1), J. Petruzzello (a2), J. Gaines (a2) and D. Olego (a2)...


It is generally observed that strain relaxation, which occurs by misfit dislocation formation, in lattice-mismatched heteroepitaxial layers is accompanied by the formation of threading dislocations. However, our group and others have observed that strain-relaxed epitaxial layers of In1−xGaxAs on GaAs substrates can be grown without the formation of threading dislocations in the epitaxial layer. We have been able to grow strain-relaxed layers up to 13% In concentration without observable densities of threading dislocations in the epilayer but do observe a large number of dislocations pushed into the GaAs substrate. The ability to grow strain-relaxed, lattice-mismatched heteroepitaxial layers has important practical applications. We have succeeded in growing dislocation-free layers of ZnSe on appropriately lattice-matched layers of In1−xGaxAs.



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