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Control of Defects and Impurities in Production of CdZnTe Crystals by the Bridgman Method

  • H. L. Glass (a1), A. J. Socha (a1), D. W. Bakken (a1), V. M. Speziale (a1) and J. P. Flint (a1)...


Cadmium zinc telluride crystals were grown by vertical Bridgman processes using in situ compounding from high purity elements into pyrolytic boron nitride crucibles within sealed fused quartz ampoules containing cadmium vapor at a pressure of roughly one atmosphere. These conditions produce material having the low etch pit density, low precipitate density, high infrared transmission and high purity required for use as substrates for infrared focal plane detector arrays fabricated in epitaxial mercury cadmium telluride. Similar processes should be satisfactory for producing cadmium zinc telluride for gamma ray detectors.



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