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Contributions to Silicon-Hydrogen Bond-Stretching Frequency in Amorphous Si Alloys

  • Z. Jing (a1), J. L. Whitten (a1) and G. Lucovsky (a1)


We have performed ab initio calculations and determined the bond-energies and vibrational frequencies of Si-H groups that are: i) attached to Si-atoms as their immediate, and also more distant neighbors; and ii) attached to three O-atoms as their immediate neighbors, but are connected to an all Si-atom matrix. These arrangements simulate bonding geometries on Si surfaces, and the calculated frequency for i) is in good agreement with that of an Si-H group on an Si surface. To compare these results with a-Si:H alloys it is necessary to take into account an additional factor: the effective dielectric constant of the host. We show how to do this, demonstrating the way results of the ab initio calculations should then be compared with experimental data.



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